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An Encounter With the Big “C”

So where have I been for two years? Well, I had a brush with cancer. Throat cancer. Around the same time, as it happens, as a couple, more famous folk suffered the same thing: Danny Baker, a London DJ; and Michael Douglas, of whome you’ve probably heard; and Christopher Hitchens, the controversialist.¬†Christopher Hitchens sadly didn’t make it. The rest of “us” are doing OK.

Mine began with a persistent sore throat, which I medicated in the usual way. The crucial thing though, apart from the persistence – and the thing that my doctors missed – was that it was consistently asymmetric – always worse on one side of my throat and always the same side.

So what did the medical profession do? Well …

[If you have any concerns, and perhaps would like information in advance of the rather lengthy and tedious telling of this story yet to come, please do feel free to use the comment facility – above if you’re on the main blog page, or below if you’ve clicked and are on this post’s page.]

2 thoughts on “An Encounter With the Big “C”

  1. Richard Daley

    I think the really usful point you make is that the sore throat was consistently asymmetric. Something that sounds like a possiblke clue to it not being a sore throat. Have you discussed whether this is a symptom not always seen with a sore throat with a doctor since your diagnosis?

    1. The Locksmith

      Not as such. It was my French father-in-law, who’s a retired diagnostician (and disturbingly like TV’s Gregory House). His first question was ‘Is it symmetric?’

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