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Where did this credit account business come from? I mean it’s weird. How has it come to be the norm that people expect to get goods or services without paying for them? I’d be inclined to think that it invented by the impoverished aristocracy for dealing with the trade classes except that it’s not unique to the UK; the worst abuse of invoicing I ever suffered was a Belgian telecomms firm I did some work for. Mind you, many European countries had impoverished aristocracy I suppose.

Being a one-man band and also being in the lucky position that I don’t have to take every job that comes along, I stopped doing jobs that people expected not to pay for a couple of years ago. But still the calls come in where when I enquire as to how payment will be effected once the problem has been sorted, the answer is, “Oh, well, you’ll invoice us won’t you?” I want to reply, “Ah, no, sorry – you’re confusing us with a bank. That’s where you should be going if you want to borrow money.”

At the moment, I’m too polite. Give me a couple more years though …

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