Battersea Locksmiths

Landline Or Mobile?

My yougest doesn’t answer the landline phone. And doesn’t know our telephone number. Me, I still find the landline useful; it’s just more reliable. And I still make voice calls. (My kids almost never make or accepts voice calls anyway.)

When you’re calling an emergency tradesman (like a locksmith!), it’s best, however, to use your mobile to call his or her mobile.

On the job sheet, once or twice, I’ve written down the contact number incorrectly. Then I’ve gone to my phone to check the number only to realize that they called me on my landline. And I don’t have the number with me. Usually I need the customer’s number when (pet peeve) none of the buzzers work, or they’ve said, “We’re in the top flat”, and the buzzers are labelled ‘A’ and ‘B’ or ‘1’ and ‘2’.