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Locking Window Handles

A typical modern window is made from uPVC. And it is held closed with something called an espagnolette handle. Turning the handle moves a bar inside the hollow frame of the window, and this bar moves a couple of locking catches into place.

Typically when the handle has moved to the locked position a button pops out, and unless this button is pressed in again the handle can’t be moved to the unlocked position. And quite often, this little button can be locked by key, meaning that without the key the locked button can’t be pressed in and thus the handle can’t be turned and thus the window can’t be opened.

Very often the function of the button’s lock is misunderstood. Mostly it doesn’t help with stopping people from getting in; it helps stop people who are already in from getting out. The only practical way that anyone can open the window¬† if the button has popped out is if a transom window has been left open. Otherwise they need to break the window; and if they’re going to break the window …

However, a thief with even an ounce of sense will prefer to break in through the back where they are not overlooked. Then it’s often difficult to remove your possessions via the back, so passing them through a window at the front is attempted and if you’ve locked the little button and¬† removed the key, then that becomes difficult.

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