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Maggie’s Medicine

My lip goes numb this morning so I go to see my GP yet again. It’s my favourite doctor at the practice this time; not the useless one. I’ve also been reading about something called burn tongue syndrome, a frustrating condition which seems to have some symptoms in common with my problem. The weird taste is getting worse. Last night a glass of my favourite red wine tasted awful; and this morning (strictly for scientific purposes you understand) another glass tasted normal.

The doctor mentions that if I’d been complaining of a sore tongue, he’d have considered B12 deficiency. So I’ve been reading up on B12 deficiency and there are quite a few suspicious indications, the most telling of which is an odd white mark that appeared on my forearm a few months ago. Anyway I’ve written requesting a blood test.

Aparently Margaret Thatcher used to get a B12 jab when she felt low. As the principle delivery area is the buttock, I’m wishing I didn’t know this.

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