Battersea Locksmiths

Mobile Phones

(Or cell phones, which is actually a more accurate term. (On the other hand, having all phone numbers with the same area code of 555- is just plain silly.))

How is it that the good womenfolk walking up and my street are frequently talking on their phones, often as they test the traffic by pushing a child in a pram into the stream, yet whenever I call a customer – and it is women more than men – they never answer. Ah, … I suppose I’ve just answered my own question.

I don’t usually like taking a job when the person with the issue isn’t going to be there. However, things were slow, so I said that I would meet her cousin at the premises. Well of course the description I’d been given didn’t make any sense once I was there and looking at the problem, so I said to the cousin, “I’ll give her a call.”

“Oh, she won’t answer; she’s on the train.” Eh? And indeed there was no answer. So no progress. And an hour of my life I won’t see again.