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MRI Scan Booked

I’ve seen the ENT consultant again. I went over the miserable side-effects of the Omeprazole PPI. I mentioned the family history of brain bleeds that I talked about in the previous post. I got suitably wobbly and mentioned that an MRI scan might “kill” two birds with one stone: check for any incipient cerebral aneurysms and anything in my throat. He said he could see how stressed I was becoming (I’m good) and agreed that a scan would probably be best.

So, at long last, seven months after the symptoms began, we’re finally going to have a look. The MRI waiting list isn’t too bad. Same hospital. Scheduled to be done a few days from now.

And if I’d waited out the full three months of PPI that he’d prescribed, there would still be another two months of delay!

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