Battersea Locksmiths

Now Should I Have Gone?

” Uh, ‘ow much to get in this flat, like? The keys are inside.”

“I’m afraid we’ve finished for the day and we’re no longer offering a 24-hour service.”

“Uh, d’y’ know anyone who could do it then?”

“Whereabouts are you?”

“Uh, just a minute.” [whisper, whisper] [sound of feet walking for several metres]

“It’s Boloby Mansions.” [whisper, whisper] It actually sounded like “blobby mansions”, but, surely not. “No, sorry, it’s [name of really posh block in Knightsbridge].”

“No, I’m afraid I don’t know anyone in that area.”

I should have told them to ring Whitehall 1212.

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