Battersea Locksmiths

Our Services

We can repair locks that have minor faults. Locks that have irreparable faults can be replaced.

We can re-key locks. Sometimes keys are lost and for peace of mind – especially if they were with an address – it’s best if they are replaced. It’s not usually necessary to replace the whole lock; you will save money if we just change the barrel or the levers. A new basic Yale-like, rim cylinder is £12, whereas the locks are between £30 and £50.

If you’ve locked yourself out, we can get you back in again. And we don’t drill so you won’t have to pay for new hardware on top of the labour.

We can free bicycles and motor from their chains and shackles if you’ve lost the key. You will need some kind of proof of ownership however.

When moving home there are often a few things to sort out: we can help you with missing keys and with changing the front door keys.

If keys are lost, or if someone like a builder leaves town without returning a key, you might like to get your front door re-keyed. Typically, we don’t need to replace the entire lock: a regular Yale-like front door latch lock can be re-keyed for £72 all-in.

If you’re considering upgrading your security, we can come and advise you. This is free if you’re in the local area, i.e. Battersea, Battersea Village or Battersea Park