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Phone payments

How odd. After a two year gap (more on that later), I’m back posting again, and it’s phone payments again.

I’d gone to let someone in. Their ID checked out. Apparently a house guest had locked the door on departure and, per instructions, had posted the keys back through the letter slot. The only trouble was that our locked-out client was in the habit of not setting the deadlock, yet had left the only deadlock key on the keyring they handed to the departing house guest. Naturally they locked the deadlock, as anyone should do, leaving our man with no way back in.

Now, I’ve recently taken delivery of a new, neat, small all-in-one camera plus gooseneck plus screen. And I was looking for an excuse to try it out. I checked and the gap under the door was enormous. So I attached a fishhook just under the camera and shoved it under the door. Naturally all this was fairly close to the ground. And the ground wasn’t particularly savoury. But there I was – lying flat out on this grotty porch trying to hook the key. My choice though; so no complaints there.

I got the key after a few minutes. (I claim it took so long because I’m used to working via mirrors; and they reverse everything.)

“That’ll be £[callout charge],” said I. “Oh; so-and-sos paying; he’s the one who rang you up,” said our man. Grr. Once again.

So we rang him. “But it’s only taken you quarter of an hour,” said buddy/landlord/whatevs on the end of the phone, “I’m not paying your callout.”

Luckily I still had the key in my hand. “He doesn’t want to pay,” I said, handing the phone to our man, and packing up and then walking down the path.

One thought on “Phone payments

  1. Richard Daley

    John, Well done. These people deserve all these problems. You may have been thre 15 minutes but you have travel time plus the investment cost of camera etc and your own time in becoming a locksmith. I hope you threw the key in a river.

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