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Someone In All Along

One of the disconcerting things that can happen to the non-warrant locksmith is to have a door you are trying to open fly out of your “hands”. Warrant locksmiths – the ones that such worthies as the Gas Board employ when they want to get in and cut off your supply – are used to irate folks snatching the door open. Sometimes warrant locksmiths have tools snatched out of their hand from the other side of the door as they work. And when a door is angrily opened, it’s not unknown for improvised or actual weaponry to be brandished.

Now I don’t do warrants and am therefore unused to such occurrences. So the other day, when we were trying to let in a customer who’d left their keys behind, the door opening “of its own accord” threw us a bit. At first you think, ‘Yeehaw, got it!’ Then you realize that the cylinder hasn’t actually turned, and then you wonder why the door is moving. And then you realize that someone is standing there inside the premises.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me. What made this one unusual was that the flatmate was so fixated on this weird character stood there with a handful of tools, that she couldn’t see our customer who was stood right beside us. We had to move around and cower behind the customer. Oh and the other odd thing was that we had rung all the bells in case we could avoid having to open the fearsome Chubb Ava that was protecting the communal door, and no-one, including the flatmate, had answered. (And we did open the fearsome Chubb Ava!)

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