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Spring Is Sprung, Make Sure Your Windows Aren’t

Some front hedges will be putting on a growth spurt around about now. Which makes it even more important than usual to keep any hedges that hide windows – or more significantly burglars – from view.

Windows are vulnerable; and there isn’t much you can do about it unless you don’t mind living in a house that more closely resembles a vault.

The most important thing is to ensure that anyone working on a window is visible and obviously so. For the front (in a typical city street that is) that means keeping hedges low; for the back that means PIR* lights and dummy (or real) cameras. And if you’re being energy efficient with your light bulbs, you’ll need to choose ones that come on instantly; it’s no good using fluorescent bulbs.


* PIR is passive infra-red detector. They cause their lights to illuminate when a body moves within range.