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Time For Some Histrionics

A month goes by, and I’m not feeling at all well.

The weekly B12 injections (four of them) do seem to have made a positive difference to my general condition. And a follow-up blood test shows me now to be in the middle of the range. However the nauseous feeling and throat and taste feelings are as bad as ever.

I’ve been on these PPI tablets (Omeprazole) for my ENT consultant’s theory that I’m suffering acid reflux.

I’ve had a look at its side effects and there are quite a few, as you’d imagine, including nausea, itching and, get this, taste abberation! I can’t believe it. And what’s more, Omeprazole can worsen B12 uptake! Furthermore [running out of words here] Omeprazole is normally only prescribed for a month, and this cretin has put me on it for three months! [running out of punctuation as well] Not only would that leave me with little stomach acid for two months too many, it delays the diagnosis of the real condition for a quarter of a year!

Enough of this. I’m not waiting. Time to dust off my histrionic skills and revisit ENT. I can think of one more candidate for my taste issues, apart from the Big C, and that’s something in the neck area pressing on nerve somewhere.

Now, many years ago a close relative of mine suffered a brain aneurysm whilst on holiday. They were air-ambulanced to a good neurosurgical hospital. They made it through OK; but I still get a lump in my throat whenever I see a helicopter take off. And my dad also suffered a brain bleed.

So I’m going to present my worsening condition and my family brain history and request a head and neck MRI scan. And if I bring that helicopter taking off scene to mind, I won’t have any trouble going to pieces a bit when I see the consultant.

(My degree was chemistry. In the lab we used to call this scanning technique NMR – nuclear magnetic resonance. And that’s what it was called when it started getting used in medicine. However when patients heard the adjective ‘nuclear’ they became worried, so the technique was renamed Magnetic Resonance Imagery. And would it have been more scary or less if it had been pronounced, thick politician style, “nucular”?)

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