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To finance the recently-purchased table saw, I have sold my last (apart from the ones I made myself) safe lock pick. My days of struggling with safes are now pretty much over – semi-retirement.

I happened to wrapping up the pick case for dispatch in the workshop on top of the table saw. As everyone finds, the top of a table saw is just too convenient a flat surface and gets used for assembly work. Anyway, I got to musing on the difference in size – enormous – versus the difference in value – none. The pick is beautifully machined; indeed, I was a bit sad to see it go, but it wasn’t being used. However, the pick comprises less than 500 g of stainless steel. The table saw, which costs the same as the pick – and mind you, the pick was bought second-hand, new it would cost less than the pick – dwarfs it and comprises 160 kg of steel and cast iron.

I suppose it’s production volume. And precision. And charging what the market will bear.

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